Law School Admission Test

It is a test required for admission into law schools in the US (that are approved by the American Bar Association).


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent (4-year university degree) in any subject.
  • LSAT scores
  • Recommendation (academic or professional)
  • TOEFL or IELTS score
  • Financial documents showing proof of funds for the academic year (only if you are applying for an F-1 visa).


  1. Become a lawyer in the US or CANADA
  2. The LSAT helps you get into US Law schools and then, after writing and passing the BAR exams after Law school, get into the Law profession.

  3. Become a Lawyer in other countries
  4. Even though there is a proliferation of Lawyers in the US, the credentials give you a head start into becoming a revered Lawyer in other jurisdictions. In this case, you will be required to write the BAR exams of the country in question to be granted the chance to practice Law there.

  5. The Law degree gives you an outstanding advantage in certain careers (especially, ones that require negotiation). So far as professions go, the sky is your limit.

Our approach to the Test

  • The overarching approach which underpins our teaching methodology is personalized tuition: tailored-made to suit and serve the learning needs of the student. Delivery of the knowledge is done in fun and all-inclusive way which deviates completely from the hitherto humdrum and rote-learning approach.